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Specyfikacja Single phase conveyor for dry and granular material as production machine feeder
Symbol Single-phase pneumatic conveyor for granular product
Nr produktu 4511700010
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The single phase production machine feeder is a compact „all in one” system to move material as dry powder or granular directly from customer container to packaging or production process.

The single phase conveyer is a complete unit, built in 3 different size and volume in D 220, D280, D360 mm for a total of 15 versions. The motor has a power of 1.000 Watt and is located on the top of the Stainless Steel AISI 304 material hopper. Standard machines are equipped with cartridge filter that can be cleaned by compressed air purge system; also available are bag filter or cartridge filter without the cleaning system. Food tested filter are available. The managment of the system is controlled by a SIEMENS Logo mounted on the hopper. The preferred position for the installation is to apply the single phase conveyer on customer machine lid by flange or customer hopper by additional feed included in the accessories kit. All the variants discharge the material by gravity through a flap. A level indicator mounted downstream on the discharge interrupt the material feeding automatically when  the maximum level in the customer machine is reached and start again when more material is requested.


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