Good Bye Break up Letter to Alcohol

funny goodbye letter to alcohol

It’s nice knowing you no longer have a say in my thoughts, my actions or my life, for that matter, and that I’m driving this bus now. I get to decide how I spend my time and with whom I spend it with. You once had me trapped in a mindset of worry and struggle, which introduced me to your close friends – anxiety, shame, and guilt. Once I got more acquainted with them, I knew they, just like you, weren’t my real friends. They only visited when they wanted to manipulate me and make me feel like less of a person. I realized they all came as a result of my interactions with you.

Goodbye Alcohol: A Breakup Letter Alcohol and You

  • They reflect the lighter side of professional relationships and provide a moment of shared laughter amidst the handshakes and exit interviews.
  • But It is easier to say farewell to you!
  • Leaving a funny message for your manager or supervisor will help make the change easier.
  • I’ll miss our lunchtime art classes and our debates about the best art supplies.
  • You don’t stop when we are shaking, physically withdrawing from your chemicals.
  • We will miss trying to avoid and annoy you- but hey, don’t be sad.
  • I still hate you; I still hate what you’ve done to me and what you made me do to the people I loved.

The art of saying goodbye doesn’t always have to be heartbreaking—it may also be humorous at times. This collection of humorous farewell sayings is ideal for parting cards that are meant to make the recipient smile broadly. Adding humor to farewells with loved ones can keep the relationship light and fun. Good morning message for her can be adapted into funny goodbyes, ensuring the parting is sweet and filled with love.

Funny Farewell Quotes for Colleagues

We’ll miss you, but we promise to only talk about you behind your back on Fridays. Without you, Addiction, I’m doing things I’ve never thought were possible. I’m finishing my Master’s degree. I have people that I love, and I know they love me back.

funny goodbye letter to alcohol

Funny Farewell Messages for Colleague

It is a personal goodbye letter to alcohol and drugs, as well as a physical acknowledgment of the damage they have caused. Do not get too caught up on perfect grammar, structure, or organization. It is understandable that the writer may be emotionally charged. It is more important to make sure that you get out everything that you want to say.

  • With Carepatron, you’re equipped with tools and support to help your client overcome your addiction and become a better person.
  • It’s nice knowing you no longer have a say in my thoughts, my actions or my life, for that matter, and that I’m driving this bus now.
  • Saying goodbye is never easy, and you may feel at a loss for words.
  • I have no idea how I’m ever gonna eat crawfish again.

But bid them goodbye with a happy face instead of being sad. Tell them how important and competent the person he/she was for the office. Do not let the thought of saying goodbye; bring up sadness. Remember that goodbyes don’t always have to be sad. Make sure to say goodbye by expressing your respect and gratitude towards them.

This letter is as much a way of saying goodbye to the addiction as it is a commitment to one’s self to break free. It signals readiness to break free from alcohol or drug abuse – an incredibly cruel evil master. There are always a lot of farewells when a professional chapter with colleagues comes to an end.

  • But most of all, I’ll miss the friendships we’ve built over our shared love of wellness.
  • I was deeply involved with a bad influence who was charming, promising, and liar.
  • And you gave me a short fuse at my temper.
  • I’ll be back to steal office supplies when you least expect it.

She is filled with joy and gratitude and takes things one day at a time. She doesn’t judge me, get jealous, or fill my head with empty promises. She has lots of friends that she’s helped before and they’ve turned their goodbye letter to alcohol examples lives around. Some took longer than others but they all help each other because they’ve been where I am today. Her name is Recovery and she makes me feel good about myself…as a Person, a Father, a Spouse, and a Friend.

  • This collection of humorous farewell sayings is ideal for parting cards that are meant to make the recipient smile broadly.
  • To be clear, the pain you’ve inflicted is unbearable.
  • You made me do things I never thought I would be capable of doing.
  • Without a fun-loving co-worker like you, our after-work drinks will turn sober, quiet, and slightly more sophisticated.
  • I wish to accomplish the things I should have done half a life ago.

Have an okayish time here while sobbing on our Whatsapp group. As I bid farewell to this company, I can’t help but think of all the clever wordplay we’ve shared together. From cracking each other up with puns to creating witty headlines for our latest projects, we’ve always had a way with words. All I can think about is how petrified I am of drinking again. I am filled with thankfulness and gratitude for my beating heart.

funny goodbye letter to alcohol

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